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S.B. Patil Public School could not be more proud of six year old Shivansh Gupta, who, during this lockdown period, took it upon himself to share science experiments on social media.

Shivansh, a bright young student has always had an affinity towards science as a subject, and has taken regular part in extra-curricular activities.

The experiment depicts the displacement of water from the bowl, when a lighted candle is lit inside an inverted glass placed in a bowl of water. The fire, which consumes the oxygen in the glass, creates a vacuum within thus sucking in the surrounding water to take the place of the absence of air in the glass.

We are proud of this budding toddler who has reaped the benefits of social media and use it for academic and educational purposes to reach out other curious young minds.

SBPPS Inaugurates the First of its Kind Innovative Lab

Pune, Maharashtra | December 10th, 2019

In an endeavour to ignite the zest for innovation and inquisitiveness among students, Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust (PCET)’s S.B. Patil Public School witnessed the inauguration of an state-of-art, full-fledged DIY Centre cum Innovation Lab the school premises on Monday, December 9th, 2019.

Prominent dignitaries who graced the commemoration with their presence were: Mr. Pravin Rajpal, founder of InnovatioNext; .Mr. Kikuchi Renya, Chairman (SCCIP, Japan); Mr. David Prakash, Director and CEO (LS Creative Learning, Bangalore); Dr. Sanjay Lakde (PCCOE, Pune); Mr. Dnyaneshwar Landge, Chairman (PCET); Mrs. Padma Bhonsle, Vice Chairperson (PCET) and Manager (SBPPS); Mr. Shantaram Garadem Treasurer (PCET); Mr. Ajinkya Kalbhor s/o Mr. V.S. Kalbhor, Secretary (PCET); Mr. Bhaijan Kazi, Trustee (PCET); Dr. Girish Desai, Executive Director (PCET); and the principals and faculty of all the institutions under PCET.

SBPPS Inaugurates the First of its Kind Innovative Lab

The school principal, Dr. Mrs. Bindu Saini elaborated upon the nature of the lab, and stressed on the need for such innovations in schools. This highly equipped lab, the first of its kind in any CBSE school across India, would provide students ample opportunities of hands-on activities, coupled with the creative and technical abilities that are already being nourished in the leading-edge robotics labs that the school already possesses.

S.B. Patil Public School has been operating the Student Exchange Programme (SEP), wherein our students have had the opportunity to visit Japan for 10 days and under the tutelage of experts, learn the myriad aspects that make the country progressive and ahead of its time.

Dr. Sanjay Lakde threw light upon the lab’s detailed functioning, its procedures and prototypes. Mr. Pravin Rajpal steered students in order to understand that the difference between innovation and conventional curriculum is immense, impressing that what Generation X and Y could not discover, would be will be discerned and revolutionized Generation Z.

SBPPS Inaugurates the First of its Kind Innovative Lab

SBPPS Inaugurates the First of its Kind Innovative Lab

Mr. Kikuchi Renya highlighted the history of Japanese innovation that began in 1958 and, since then, tiding into the new millennium, has expanded multifold. He called upon students to employ innovation for world peace.

We sincerely extend our gratitude to our faculty who worked exhaustively, on and off-stage, to make this event a success.