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This is my 10th year in SBPPS and there are loads of emotions which come up when I think of our school. When I joined S.B. Patil Public School I was like that person who'll do all fun but when it comes to speak out or showcase my emotions I used to step down, I was not confident enough to express myself as I always felt unheard before coming here.

With strong support from my parents as well as my school, I gradually molded into what I am today an avid extrovert and immensely active person.

SBPPS has always focused on holistic development of students and by providing facilities from innovation lab to art rooms to sport facilities our school has always given platform to everyone to showcase their talent.

Inclusive environment of our school also helped me come out of my so called "bad handwriting complex" and at SBPPS we believe in strengthening our positive sides and trying our best to counter our weaknesses. This thing helped me understand and tryout different things like debating, oration, technology, poetry, music and much more without thinking of consequences but also being result oriented at the same time.

If I had to divide credits of my personality development as a whole, my parents are the major stakeholders and SBPPS definitely has second largest stake in it. A Big Thank You to everyone at SBPPS management, teachers, support staff, my seniors as well as my juniors for making my schooling experience one of its kind for me.

Amey Ajgar | Student

As of September 2022, Amey is studying in Grade X and is the Head Boy of the school.

Hello everyone!

I, Punya Shetty, am a student of S.B. Patil Public School and am currently studying in science in Grade XI. Over five years ago, I joined SBPPS as a Grade VI student, and my experience here has always been educative and interactive.

During my initial period at school, I feared representing myself in front of others: teachers and students. I couldn’t muster the courage to take part in any activity. But soon this all changed. I built and retained the confidence to standup and present myself with the support of my parents and teachers here who constantly reminded me that I could do it.

SBPPS allows students to showcase themselves and their talents in many areas such as sports, arts, creativity,music, information technology, and much more.

It is an immense pleasure and privilege to be in the first ever batch of Grade XI and XII. In our most important years of life, we are very well guided by teachers in subjects. Also, we regularly have health and physical education classes supported by counselling classes as well. Apart from being academically guided, we are led through life lessons andjourneys to love the way we are.

Remarkably, I felt relief that I wasn’t the only person who had low self-esteem. This has been a journey of changing myself from an introverted girl with low self-esteem to one who is extroverted, confident and does not fear to represent her self despite the outcome and result.

I could not thank the faculty at S.B. Patil Public School enough for showing me the right way and being with me throughout my journey and helping me explore the best version of myself.

Punya Shetty | Student

As of September 2022, Punya is studying in Grade XI (Science), and is the Head Girl of the school.

I joined S.B. Patil Public School in Grade II and studied here till Grade X, passing out in the A.Y. 2020-21. During my nine years in the school, we students were always encouraged to participate in the various events organised, while also focusing on our academics. We were regularly engaged in co-curricular activities like intra and inter-school competitions, Exploration Day, sports and hobby lectures. Taking part in competitions like speech, extempore and debate, helped me be confident on stage and readily take on good challenges.

In Grade VIII, we represented Spain on the Exploration Day. In preparation for that, I had started learning Spanish and gradually fell in love with learning new languages and cultures. I also learnt Vedic Maths as a hobby, which I still find very useful. In preparation for sports competitions, our teams would wait after school and practice. I took part in swimming competitions and represented Pune at the district level.

Out of the several clubs available, I had joined a few, from which the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and the journalism clubs were a new experience for me; I really benefited from the those. We were provided training and the required equipment for the activities. My teachers were always helpful and guided us.

I am currently studying in Grade XII at Podar International School (ISC). Despite the syllabus difference between the CBSE and the ISC boards, I have been really comfortable with it, all thanks to my strong foundation.

I am grateful to my teachers, and the school for having given me all that they did, and shaping me in the process.

Meghana Sangle | Alumnus

As of September 2022, Meghana is studying in Grade XII at Podar International School.

Hello everyone! My name is Aman Rajkumar Bhoge. I am an alumnus of S.B. Patil Public School, 2018-19 batch. I am currently in my 2nd year, pursuing B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Madras.

I had taken admission in SBPPS in Class IV. My experience with the school has been amazing and life changing. Throughout my journey, I have seen the immense growth and development of the school in every aspect possible.

First of all, all the faculties are well-adept with the subject, highly knowledgeable, and supportive. We could ask our doubts without any hesitation. They instilled the interest of the subject and encouraged us to understand the concepts instead of rote learning. The optimal use of E-Learning in class also helped me a lot in grasping concepts better.

The school has a solid and well-maintained infrastructure. The classrooms, library, labs, playground, etc., are very good in terms of quality of the amenities provided, capacity, and cleanliness and hygiene.

Apart from the exams conducted by schools, the school also encourages us to take part in competitive exams like SOF Olympiads, Homi Bhabha, Scholarship, etc. which gives students an opportunity to improve upon their mental abilities, time management skills and subject understanding.

The school has a well-managed canteen system that serves good quality food and the dining area is properly sanitised and hygienic, etc.

The non-academic staff is also very cooperative and responsive in their work. The school also conduct many co-curricular activities, intra-school and inter-school competitions, where students get a chance to showcase their talent and nurtures qualities of stage courage, team spirit, etc. in them. The transport system is also very safe and secure.

Overall, based on my personal experience of 7 years in the school, I feel that SBPPS has laid a strong basic foundation of my life by providing me abundant knowledge, worthwhile opportunities and valuable experiences.

Aman Bhoge | Alumnus

As of September 2022, Aman is a 2nd year BTech (Science and Engineering) student at IIT Madras.

My experience as a parent at S.B. Patil Public School has been very good and rewarding. SBPPS is roots of both Amey and Tanaya.

SBPPS has been making students future ready with overall development of students without compromising academics. After joining SBPPS, both Tanaya and Amey did great in their academics, and Tanaya also made it on that toppers board and all this is only because of S.B. Patil Public School.

Amey has been doing great in all spheres of school life from extra-curricular activities to academics. This clearly visible growth in Amey's performance in competitions, events as well as academics is because at SBPPS they are shaped to be all-rounders and to do multiple tasks at same time without compromising on either of those.

We sincerely thank and appreciate efforts taken by each and every staff member of SBPPS for the overall holistic development of students.

Mr. Milind Ajgar | Parent

Mr. Milind Ajgar is the parent of Amey Ajgar of Grade X.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

It was by sheer happenstance that I ended up as part of the faculty here at S.B. Patil Public School. Personally, having worked here for a near three years, it is my judgement that the school ensures that every individual working here, be they staff or student, are presented wholesomely with the opportunity to grow and develop themselves, both personally, academically, co and extra-curricular-wise, and of course, professionally.

Teachers meticulously strive to teach students the basics and fundamentals of subjects whilst making certain use of practical, real-life and applicable examples which they would otherwise encounter in everyday life thus aiding pupils to understand rather than cram the principles of a given topic.

As opposed to many other institutes wherein one is bound by stringent rules and restrictions, prohibiting them from indulging in their own creativity, here, staff, be they be academic or administrative, are provided ample opportunity to give the best of their talents and traits, to prove and even surpass their worth and expectations.

Speaking from personal experience, I began my journey here at S.B. Patil Public School as a teacher, whilst also lending a hand in drafting articles for the school’s newsletter, Endeavour. Then then pandemic struck. And within that period, I gradually took on the responsibility overseeing its publication.

The principal and coordinators were immensely supportive as I took on this initiative. They took me under their wing, mentoring me - pushing me when it was needed and holding me back when I was getting ahead of myself – and wholeheartedly supported me as I undertook more responsibilities and initiatives such as forming the Media and Publishing Department.

Bringing three committees under one department was certainly not easy. This meant being in-charge of the advertisements, brochures, notices to the stakeholders, the content and design of the website, and everything that comes with it. But, as always, everyone here, in their own way: big or small, helped me through until I was able to stand on my own feet, so to speak.

Do I love being here? I absolutely love and am passionate about what I do. I share a great relationship with my superiors, a strong bonding with my colleagues, and a splendid rapport with the students.

Whilst I could go on in ceaseless narration, I bring this testimonial to a close by saying: be it as a student or faculty, I personally feel that anyone would be blessed to be part of S.B. Patil Public School.

Rohit Sarkar | Faculty

Rohit is the Media and Publishing Department Executive and Writer and Editor-in-Chief at S.B. Patil Public School.